Crash Diet or Some Sort

Sometimes when we become so comfortable and “happy” in our routine or just had something new in our routine like having a new job, enrolling in school, and even having additional tasks like helping out a friend and family member in a semi-permanent transition period, changes our “healthy” lifestyle. The exercises and calorie counting are temporarily set aside because it is time-consuming and requires a lot of our energy. Then without being conscious about it, we become comfortable with the new “unhealthy” lifestyle. Only then we remember about it when we experience heartaches or sickness or even when we go to the shopping malls and the once small or medium size is now XL or XXL! In my case, that is how I was reminded. I had been lazy and wasted myself in stress eating.

I am very conscious of my skin and face but somehow forgot to take care of my body. Beauty is not just about face and skin. It is an overall feeling good and looking good. I am not an advocate of skinny-model-like figure. It is all about improving and maintaining your assets.

So, January 1st I weighed 144 lbs. Right now (01/19/17) I am 133 lbs. Two years ago, I weighed 112 lbs. I am 29 years old, 163cm in height and have a sedentary lifestyle. My target goal is 121 lbs. In having this I customize everything! From calories, exercise, sleep, and perspective.

If you will ask me I did not do any crash diets. I will tell you my regimen and basic reminders.

First. Accept the fact that you are unhealthy and you need to change. But, do not self-pity. Instead, put a reminder in your room a note like “you can do it, beautiful!”, “you are strong to make a change”, “you are awesome”.  I believe the brain is so powerful that if you think positively tat it will reflect in your entire body. Mine goes like this….



You can do it! ^_^


Second. Avoid starchy, sugary, salty, oily, processed foods. And that extends to condiments like ketchup, oyster sauce, etc. Use rock salt and do not add sodium glutamate. Prepare your food and do not buy from fast foods or restaurants.  Be careful even if it’s soup as most soups contain starchy ingredients like flour, cornstarch or any of those kinds. Do not substitute a meal with Knorr soups. If you check their nutrition facts most says 50 kcal per 16g serving. But! Look at the ingredients, there’s msg, sugar, salt, cornstarch, soy sauce and a lot more. If you consume more than 2 cups then might as well eat rice or white bread. Be careful, it looks light but not healthy. You can prepare your own soup instead and you can divide it and eat in two meals.



These are delicious but do not consume more than 1 cup! 


Third. Measure the calories and do not substitute natural foods with low-calorie snack bars or drinks. Most of those used artificial sweeteners which are not healthy. Eat natural! Fruits and vegetables. But do not consume a lot of fruits and vegetables since some contain a lot of starch and sugar. Use a guide like fitness pal in knowing the calorie content. Normally 1 cup measures 236.588 ml and not your usual big cup.

Do not skip a meal. Eat frequent small meals that are about 200 to 250 calories per meal. So, if you eat 4 to 5 times a day the total calories would be around 1,250. Avoid getting hungry as this will give you impulse of dissatisfaction and may eventually cut you in your fitness goal. Eat rich protein foods. Avoid artificial sweeteners, dried processed snacks, and energy drinks. I recommend apples. I promise you will have a healthy bowel the next day. Here is my snack that is roughly 300 calories…



Yakult. Medium size boiled egg. Medium size apple.


Fourth. Fight water retention by exercising and drinking 2 liters of water a day. Most of the weight is water and not fats. In order to flush those, you must drink plenty of water. You can drink tea or coffee without sugar as an alternative to water. But, remember not to drink in excess of 2 cups a day.

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Make sure you do stretching before exercising. There is no need to go to the gym really. You just need to sweat and move as much as you can. I am at home and these are the exercises…



1 min planking. 20 crunches. 5 mins hula-hoop. 10mins dumbells. 3 mins stretching. 10 mins fast rope. I also play dance music to keep my work out enjoyable =)


Fifth. Record your weight every morning. I am sure you will lose weight. 100%. Ideally, women should consume 1,500 calories while men should consume 2,500. You can modify it to 1,200 a day for women and 2,000 for men. You can only achieve losing those weights if you reduce your calories too. For a week you can lose 1 to 2 pounds!

Sixth. Yes, cheat day is ok. But make sure it’s just 1 or 2 cheat days in a month and work out more after. Eat those chocolates, pizza, pasta and chips. But, if you can control you can just make your own healthy snack 🙂

Invest in yourself! Stay strong, confident and beautiful! -Judi


Chicken Skin Disease or Keratosis Pilaris

It has been more than six months having this rough bumpy skin in my upper arms.  Not painful but not good to look at either. I ignored it at first thinking it will just go away and I associate it allergies. I become more conscious of its appearance as it worsens and rougher. It looks like a chicken skin. A friend of mine told me one day that I should not be scared or nervous. I was so calm at that time. I asked her what made think I was scared. She simply replied, “you are having goosebumps, look at your skin!” That was the time decided to take any action as the chicken skin worse.


Chicken skin disease or Keratosis Pilaris can happen to anyone and is a common skin disorder. It is not a symptom of cancer or any life threating disease. Topical use of ointments, steroids will not instantly cure it. Also, it is not curable but with constant exfoliation and deep moisturization, it improves over time.

There are no other symptoms or complications for Keratosis Pilaris. It is also not contagious. The causes are unknown. But, just to make sure see your dermatologist.

If you want to know what I did, I bought a luffa, spa salt and a deep moisturizing lotion. I use the spa salt and luffa 4x a week in my morning bath and the deep moisturizing lotion every day. It took a month before my skin starts improving. I also take multivitamins.


I hope I was able to shed some light on your chicken skin problem 🙂


Elance® and oDesk® = Upwork Online Job

Hi! I am not going to post about how scared, sad, depressed I am because this post is but my first try to get a freelance job on the internet. Yes, my state of mind is to be as productive as possible even when I am at home.

There are many websites offering online jobs. Click ads, answering surveys and even doing making a website or domain can be one of those. But for a non-techie like me, I prefer administrative or virtual jobs. This may range from being a personal assistant to data entry.

In my search for jobs, I came across with Upwork. It is the new name of Odesk in partnership with Elance. You can read about their history in this link:

I have heard many successful stories in landing a job at Upwork. So, I tried.

For beginners like me, make sure you have a webcam, high-speed internet not lower than 2mbps, a ready resume or CV, a headset, a PayPal account and/or bank account, and lastly a scanned government issued ID.

The website is easy to navigate. Just sign-up and follow the instructions. It will be a big plus if you take online tests found in the “Find Work” button. Submit as many proposals as possible. Anyway, you can see the limit of how many you are allowed to submit on the right side of the job postings.

My tip is to showcase your experiences and skills. Be more concrete in giving samples. Do not rate yourself more than you are capable off. Be honest about your knowledge and skills as employers are serious and can report you and possibly ban you in Upwork. Respond to invitations right away since time is money and most if not all are always on the rush. Be punctual to interviews, remember that they could be in a different time zone.

Constantly improve your profile. Proofread before submitting but be quick in sending your applications. There are millions of online job seekers and you cannot miss an opportunity if are too slow.

Currently, I have 2 pending candidacies with 1 approved job. The payment varies and depends on your agreement with the employer. For beginners, building your portfolio should be your first concern as this will impress future employers.

I wish you the best of luck! It is easy if we put dedication to our work.



Breakup and the Future

Breakups are never easy. The pain is unbearable. But, hey! You will be fine eventually. Knowing your inner strength and having a new set of goals is a challenge. Cry if you must. Do not hold back tears. Express it in arts, writing, singing, exercising or focusing on your career or studies. But, chin up, always dress on how you like. Build yourself up. You are a phoenix rising from the ashes, powerful and strong. And, just in case you forgot…let me remind you, dear woman, you are BEAUTIFUL!

January 2017, I hate you! First, I got sick. Second, my career is down the road. Third, after 12 months and 8 days, my relationship ended. So, F*CK you! I cannot blame anyone for all these misfortunes. As usual, if there’s something wrong do not point a finger right away because your other three fingers point back at you. I am still learning to cope things up. Pain is there. I am 29 and I believe I am mature enough to pick myself up. Love is still there and I just cannot undo things in a snap of a finger. So, help me God!

I am a firm believer of who breaks you cannot mend you back and you can never be friends with your ex(es). Usually, I would delete and not reply or answer calls. That’s my way of moving on. Though I miss him, I will control myself not to do anything. It’s not pride, it is what you call self-help!

Honestly, I still believe in my happy ever after. Unimaginable for now but looking at my parents, yes, it’s existent. I cannot use drugs, beer, or commit suicide. I have a one-year old niece and I want to be her role model. My parents and sisters are paying my medical bills and suicide is not an option. I just need to be me. Alone for now, quiet and finding inner peace.

On the 16th, we are supposed to celebrate our 13th month. I may be crying on that day in the church. I do not know! I will miss him but I will give him what he asked of me, space! I wish him the galaxy and all the stars. No hatred but just pain. This time, I would be able to prove that I am stronger than pain and can grow to be the person I dreamed of.

Wednesdays and Sundays, we used to have our date but I need to have a plan to divert whatever it is. Seems like the movie date for Beauty and the Beast and Mummy will be canceled too. Oh well, poor me!

Tomorrow, it’s going to be crazy. I do not know what to do. He will forget about me. Replace me. I am not sure I can.

For sure, my next relationship would be someone who will prove himself despite all the high walls I will build. He must surpass and break those walls. My emotional pain is the walls. I may reject and insult him and if he passes those. Then, he may be worth the YES! Oh common, dream on. The future is unpredictable. Maybe I should just live one day at a time.

P.S. It is already 1:50am. I cannot sleep. End of relationship is not the end of the world.



My Encounter with Bell’s Palsy

It was January 2, Monday, when I arrived from my first site visit for this year. Like the usual routine, I rested in my room and eventually fell asleep. My phone’s beep woke me, there’s a text message, I read, replied and tried sleeping again with my body on one side of the bed. I felt tightness in my face particularly my left side. Since I had no mirror near me I used my phone to see my face. There was a lump. I ignored it thinking that it was just an insect bite and it will be back to normal anytime soon. After two hours, the lump grew bigger. Also, I felt a little pain. It continued growing affecting my whole left face only. I could barely talk. My facial movement is limited. I suspected my teeth had caused the swelling.

A day after, I went to see my dentist and told my experience and the pain I felt. I was recommended for a tooth extraction. However, my instinct told me to have a second opinion. So, I went to see my previous dentist. I was given a referral slip for a panoramic x-ray in a diagnostic center. After two hours, I came to my dentist and gave the result. The result showed negative abscess that could have the reason for infection. Because of the findings, I was referred to an ENT (ears, nose, and throat) doctor. I felt uneasy and decided to buy a mask at the nearest pharmacy. I then went to see an ENT doctor but it was already past 4PM and usually clinics have cut off time; I was advised to be there early for the next day’s appointment.

I was at Dr. Arcenas’s clinic at 10AM. I was the first patient. His diagnosis was Bell’s Palsy, Parotitis and was advised to go back to my dentist as he suspected a possible infection in my 4th and 5th upper left teeth. I went back to my dentist and I am in for a root canal after I will have my clearance from my ENT doctor for Bell’s Palsy. I was given a medication of Co-Amoxiclav, Polynerv, Sinupret, Isoprinosine among others. Supposedly, steroids will be given to me as this is the usual medication for Bell’s Palsy. Since there was a probability of infection, I was not given yet.

Today is 8 Jan 17, my lump is getting smaller and I am close to my normal aura and movement. The doctor’s first diagnosis may be Bell’s Palsy because of the symptoms but it is not the only reason. It could have been Parotitis and tooth infection also. My doctor explained to me very well about Bell’s Palsy. The only thing that’s confusing is my face swelling while I am feeling pain. Pain is always associated with infection. In Bell’s Palsy, there should be no pain, just swelling and/or inability to move the facial muscle.

Bell’s Palsy is non-transmittable. I wore the mask because I do not like being stared at a public place. It is in the face and other body parts are not affected. There is paralysis of the facial muscle but it is only temporary. Also, there is twitching of the eyelids and dryness of the eyes. In some cases, it will be difficult to open your eye. It is not painful but disturbing. You cannot use your other side of the face! It is awkward for selfies and videos! But, do not worry, therapy is of great help! Exercise the affected muscle as much as you can. The cause is unknown until now. It affects the nerves and it can happen without knowing when.

As for me, I need to get a clearance from my ENT doctor. Mine may or may not be Bell’s Palsy, Parotitis, Tooth Infection, it can be a combination of any of those. I am just happy it is not Cancer or anything that will permanently disfigure my face ^_^.

Here is a link you can read about Bell’s Palsy: