Elance® and oDesk® = Upwork Online Job

Hi! I am not going to post about how scared, sad, depressed I am because this post is but my first try to get a freelance job on the internet. Yes, my state of mind is to be as productive as possible even when I am at home.

There are many websites offering online jobs. Click ads, answering surveys and even doing making a website or domain can be one of those. But for a non-techie like me, I prefer administrative or virtual jobs. This may range from being a personal assistant to data entry.

In my search for jobs, I came across with Upwork. It is the new name of Odesk in partnership with Elance. You can read about their history in this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upwork.

I have heard many successful stories in landing a job at Upwork. So, I tried.

For beginners like me, make sure you have a webcam, high-speed internet not lower than 2mbps, a ready resume or CV, a headset, a PayPal account and/or bank account, and lastly a scanned government issued ID.

The website is easy to navigate. Just sign-up and follow the instructions. It will be a big plus if you take online tests found in the “Find Work” button. Submit as many proposals as possible. Anyway, you can see the limit of how many you are allowed to submit on the right side of the job postings.

My tip is to showcase your experiences and skills. Be more concrete in giving samples. Do not rate yourself more than you are capable off. Be honest about your knowledge and skills as employers are serious and can report you and possibly ban you in Upwork. Respond to invitations right away since time is money and most if not all are always on the rush. Be punctual to interviews, remember that they could be in a different time zone.

Constantly improve your profile. Proofread before submitting but be quick in sending your applications. There are millions of online job seekers and you cannot miss an opportunity if are too slow.

Currently, I have 2 pending candidacies with 1 approved job. The payment varies and depends on your agreement with the employer. For beginners, building your portfolio should be your first concern as this will impress future employers.

I wish you the best of luck! It is easy if we put dedication to our work.




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